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Hi, my name is Will and Java developer with 3 years professional experience developing in-house tools and web services that meet and exceed client requirements. I love to work with like-minded people who I can collaborate with and learn from, while developing innovative and unique software.


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I work with the fantastic people at 422 South. We specialise in creating data visualisation, CGI and visual effects shots for clients around the world.

I am currently developing our proprietary data visualisation software which we use for real time processing and rendering of huge global data sets.


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1st class BA(Hons) degree in "Computer Visualisation and Animation" from Bournemouth University (National Centre for Computer Animation).

This course taught advanced computer science, design and mathematics. I used these skills to devlop a time manipulation game called VCR: London.


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Playing the piano, online games with friends, cycling, films, following technology and computer hardware, virtual reality, maps and data.


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I am currently teaching myself Spring, Spring Boot and Hibernate to develop extensible enterprise grade web services and RESTful APIs.


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My interest in personal finance and investing has inspired me to develop my own Investment Broker comparison tool, which I am working to expose as a web service using Spring.

My Work

  • Zombie Disintegration

    A Double Negative Houdini masterclass

    Zombie disintegration
  • The Soyuz Toy-Uz

    A Team Fortress 2 Workshop taunt

    The Soyuz Toy-Uz taunt
  • Au Revoir

    A Team Fortress 2 Workshop taunt

    Au Revoir taunt
  • Asteroid Defense

    My first OpenGL game

    Asteroid Defense game
  • Snowflake Generator

    A Python plugin for Maya 2012

    Snowflake generator
  • Movement

    Multiple life drawing studies

    Movement life drawing
  • Masses

    The primary masses of the human body

    Masses life drawing
  • Organic

    Experimental ink artwork

    Organic painting

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